Learn the Secrets of Successful Digital Marketing with Larson & Draper’s Digital Marketing Essential Textbook!

For any business looking to achieve success through digital marketing, Larson & Draper’s Digital Marketing Essential Textbook is essential reading. Through this comprehensive guide, readers will gain insights into the fundamentals of digital marketing, including best practices and key strategies. Armed with the knowledge contained within the textbook, businesses can be well on their way to building successful online campaigns and marketing initiatives.

Overview of Digital Marketing Essentials by Larson & Draper

Digital marketing has become a vital tool in today’s business landscape, and it is essential that students understand all the disciplines required to succeed. Larson & Draper’s Digital Marketing Essentials provides the perfect opportunity to learn and master the primary digital marketing disciplines. This best-selling courseware will teach your students how to leverage organic, paid, and social traffic, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of internet marketing on various platforms.

Author Jeff Larson uses real-world examples to help students connect theory and application, and the video lectures allow students to thrive no matter their preferred learning style by utilizing audio- and visual-style teaching. Furthermore, the bundle options pair great with the courseware by providing additional content and examples.

Accompanying resources 

Larson & Draper’s Digital Marketing Essential Textbook is the #1 bestselling textbook to teach all the primary internet marketing disciplines. It comes with a variety of accompanying resources to help upgrade your internet marketing skills, such as pre-recorded video lectures, quizzes, Test Bank, presentations, case studies, projects, and more.

Table of Content of Digital Marketing Essentials by Larson & Draper

The Table of Contents of the book includes chapters on Digital Marketing Foundations, Web Design, Analytics, On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media 1, Social Media 2, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Mobile Marketing, and Digital Strategy.

Who Must Read Digital Marketing Essentials by Larson?

Image showing a Pros & Cons Chart - Analytics are required for digital marketing

The book by Larson & Draper is an invaluable resource for those looking to become digitally savvy and take their career to the next level. This #1 bestselling book is worth reading for anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of internet marketing and understanding how to apply them in various business environments.

So who must read this great book by Larson & Draper? Everyone who wants to master the art of internet marketing and enjoy a rewarding career should read this essential textbook.


The conclusion of Larson & Draper’s Textbook is that internet marketing is a powerful tool for growing any business. With the right strategies, tools and techniques, businesses can increase their reach and engagement with customers, and ultimately drive more sales. By taking the time to understand the fundamentals of internet marketing, businesses can make sure they are getting the most out of their efforts and maximize their success online.