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Best Selling Test Banks in 2022


Is college life more enjoyable and easier than school life? No! It comes with many unique challenges. Sincere students find it pretty tough to cope with difficulties to maintain impressive grades. 

School life prepares you to become a responsible adult and make wise decisions in future. College life grooms you to become a professional, who can serve and represent an organization. 

Life as a school student is way more disciplined than it is in college. Even though there are rules in colleges, students enjoy more freedom as adults. Some use this time to get familiar with new pleasures and some utilize college time to be the best in their fields. 

What challenges do college students face in their college life?

The following academic challenges make college life tougher for students:

  • Understanding content

It is tougher to maintain focus when you are in college. The content is more complicated and students need to spend hours to understand important topics. The difficulty level increases as students pass exams and reach higher levels. Every student cannot keep up with increasing difficulty levels and fails to deliver what’s expected. 

  • Lack of time for study

Colleges offer several activities that students miss during school time. Most students live in college dorms or rented apartments when they are in college. There is no parent figure around to force students to study. Therefore, balancing study time and other activities is not easy while you are in college. Most students prepare for the exam just a few weeks or days before the test. Therefore, they fail to gain good marks! 

  • Lack of motivation

The study is probably not the most alluring thing during college life. Outdoor activities, parties, and other things distract most students from their goals. Very few students feel motivated to learn important things and focus on their studies. Those, who stay focused, move forward and achieve something big in their lives. 

  • Educational expenses 

Many students cannot afford to attend a reputable institute due to its expensive fees. Lack of scholarship, expensive tuition fees, and other associated costs make college life quite challenging. 

Many students join part-time jobs to pay for their education and living expenses. It severely affects their education. Students get just a few hours to study after attending college and work. Those, who overcome all the challenges and work smartly, perform better and achieve all their career goals. 

What resources students can use to improve their performance in college tests?

Colleges conduct a variety of tests and exams to test the true potential of students. Some students only focus on their studies and work hard throughout the semester to improve their knowledge. They often gain the best grades on tests. 

You can use textbook test banks to prepare faster for upcoming exams and beat the best in your class. These test banks provide frequently asked questions in exams. Thus, you can save your time and prepare for important topics to get impressive marks! 

10 Best  Selling Test Banks Every Student Must Use in the College 

Every college student should use the following 10 Test Banks to secure impressive grades in college tests!


It is the best textbook to learn molecular biology. Experts praise this textbook for presenting the latest information about this dynamic and transformative science. Students can now access its twelfth edition to access the latest discoveries and theories in molecular biology. 

Lewin’s Genes XII is written by Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliot S. Goldstein, and Stephen T. Kilpatric. All three co-authors have extensive knowledge of this field and their academic achievements prove that this book delivers the latest development in this field of biology. 

This textbook covers gene structure, organization, sequencing, and expression. It sources information from the world’s best scientists. They provide the latest updates on revisions in selected areas of study to improve students’ knowledge of this complex subject. 

Many institutes and faculties recommend this textbook. It provides the most authentic information on frequently altering subjects in molecular biology. There is no other textbook providing such a broader understanding of molecular biology. Therefore, both faculties and examiners use this textbook to prepare question papers. 

Students must access Lewin’s Genes XII test banks to find important topics, questions, and prepare better for the exam. This exam preparation material can be quite helpful when you have just a few days to prepare for the exam. 

  1. College Physics OpenStax

The second textbook in our best selling test bank has been created for an introductory algebra-based physics course. It got the sequence requirements for a two-semester physics course. Besides, this textbook provides standard scope to improve the student’s knowledge about the field. 

Most colleges and institutes recommend College Physics OpenStax because it teaches physics laws through real-world examples. This textbook got no competition when it comes to understanding basic physics concepts. 

If students have basic knowledge of algebra and trigonometry, they can learn a lot from this textbook. The book does not require great knowledge of calculus to understand basic concepts. It offers concept questions, learning goals, links to labs and other platforms to help students. It provides enough practice to understand what role physics plays in running this world.  

The College Physics OpenStax test bank is now available online for students, who use this textbook to prepare for upcoming tests. It is a source to find the most important questions and topics frequently asked in physics tests. 


Dr Caroline’s work has played a vital role in transforming the paramedic field. She has developed the first national standard set of courses to train paramedics in the USA. Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets was the first textbook of its kind. It is still an important textbook for college students. 

Dr Caroline’s textbook has played an important role in preparing top-skilled paramedics in the USA and abroad. This textbook teaches how to offer better nourishment and healthcare support to orphans. 

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has continued Dr Nancy’s legacy. This textbook got new updates and information to train paramedics in a better way. The latest edition got clear and easily understandable content so that students can learn faster. 

The new textbook introduces critical topics in a fun way. Therefore, students find it more exciting and entertaining than other textbooks. Since Emergency Care in the Streets is a widely chosen textbook for this subject, question papers contain most questions from this textbook. 

Students, who wish to perform better in this subject, should use Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Streets test bank to prepare for the exam. It will provide important questions to understand critical topics and pass the test. 


Many individuals, including students, use some sort of medication to treat minor infections, relieve pain, and stay healthy. Users often do not know how those drugs work to cure the illness. An Introduction to Medical Chemistry 6th Edition offers comprehensive information on how drugs work. 

This textbook got everything that beginners need to learn about this subject. It provides information on several drugs and how they work when consumed to treat certain health issues. This textbook explains what drugs do at the molecular level. Students learn about processes that make sure the drug targets the root cause of the issue. 

This textbook also reveals discoveries and breakthroughs so that readers can learn about new drugs available to the public. It provides comprehensive information on current medical chemistry topics and introduces numerous drug groups. There are numerous case studies related to specific drugs. Students can learn how different drugs were developed and what role those drugs have played to keep people healthy. 

Students can use this textbook and its test bank to cover large topics quickly for the exam. The test bank is designed for exam preparation and every student must get it! 


It is the best clinical chemistry textbook available for students. Being student-friendly, the 8th Edition provides the latest text on frequently improving areas of laboratory medicine. Students get simple explanations in this textbook, which balance assessment principles, correlation of results, and technique with different diseases. 

It not only describes how procedures take place but also what occurs during tests and when certain actions take place. It improves students’ knowledge about medical tests. Readers develop interpretive and assessment skills that can help them find great work opportunities.  

The latest edition offers new case studies, rewritten prescriptions, improved illustrations, describes new techniques, and offers information on new equipment used by professionals. You can’t find another textbook explaining how analytic procedures take place. Therefore, it’s the best source of information in clinical chemistry.  

Students willing to find important topics and questions in this subject can use the latest test banks. CLINICAL CHEMISTRY PRINCIPLES TECHNIQUES CORRELATIONS test banks contain important questions that students can use to prepare faster for the upcoming exams. 

This textbook is perfect to boost your knowledge about the field. However, you will need the test bank if you want to find the most important questions. 

  1. Openstax Psychology 2E

This textbook is designed to introduce a psychology course. It provides a detailed treatment of basic concepts based on classic theories and the latest emerging research. The author has also covered the DSM-5 in psychological disorders’ assessment.  

Being a recently updated edition, OpenStax Psychology 2E provides suggestions and addresses issues shared by patients. It has significant improvements over the previous edition. Besides, it is filled with numerous examples to help students understand each topic in a better way. 

The author has clarified many concepts in this textbook with the help of sensible inclusion of details and further explanation of each topic. This textbook also explains replication issues in the field of psychology. Essentially, it is the best textbook to understand key topics and test banks are available to find important topics quickly. 

Many institutes have recommended the OpenStax Psychology 2E for semester students. Most readers switched to test banks during the examination period. Test banks helped them discover important questions. They improved their grasp on important topics and improved their academic performance in each test. 


Hoyle, Doupnik, and Schaefer created this accounting textbook to teach students the right approach to accounting. It is quite helpful for students, who want to prepare for the CPA exam. This textbook introduces accounting and its critical processes to students in the simplest possible way. 

It’s the 14th edition and therefore it provides the latest resolutions along with past controversies. It offers in-depth knowledge about what an accountant does and how he/she can help organizations grow faster. 

This textbook provides detailed knowledge on how to prepare financial reports. In addition, students learn accounting concepts through conversational texts. Many faculties have praised the conversational tone of this book. It makes accounting more interesting, entertaining and engaging for students. That’s why many accounting institutions recommend only this textbook. 

Even though this textbook explains accounting procedures in a simple way, many students don’t get enough time to cover all topics. They cannot cover the entire book just a few months before a major test. Therefore, they use ADVANCED ACCOUNTING, HOYLE,14E test banks to prepare faster and perform better in tests. 

This test bank contains important questions and exercises from the textbook. Students and faculties use test banks as exam preparation material to secure better grades in the main exams. 


This textbook is used by students in graduate-level courses. It contains several chapters teaching students how to manage a firm and how to develop business strategies. Many business experts have developed theories to run a business. Both classic and modern business theories are available in this textbook. 

The author has tried to explain critical theories in the simplest possible tone. This book contains research that helps students learn what works and what causes loss when managing a business. It provides knowledge on how to use competitive and environmental trends to grow the business. 

This textbook also contains topics related to global economics. It uses international issues to reveal flaws and provide solutions for those flaws. It reveals how global economics can affect the growth of a business, regardless of its location. Students can use this book to learn how to meet organizational goals while coping with difficulties. 

Strategic Management and Business Policy test bank does not provide any knowledge on topics. However, it contains extremely important questions. Students can use those questions to speed up their test preparations and perform better in exams. 


It is an introductory healthcare management textbook, written in a reader-friendly tone by Sharon B. Buchbinder and Nancy H. Shanks. This textbook features diverse healthcare settings from nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics. 

It provides students with many interesting examples so that they can learn about crucial issues in healthcare management. It reveals how to carry out cost management, strategic planning, and marketing while managing human resources and using information technology to improve operations. 

This textbook reveals several case studies and provides important guidelines to teach the basics of healthcare management. Students, who are willing to make their career in nursing, healthcare management, allied health, pharmacy, business administration, occupational therapy, public health, and public administration fields, need to read this book.  

Authors have carefully picked topics to explain important procedures related to healthcare management. Students can also get Introduction to Healthcare Management test banks and cover key topics faster while preparing for upcoming tests. 


This textbook provides basic concepts of microbiology to train students and help them choose the right path in allied health. Unlike other boring microbiology books, the OpenStax Microbiology textbook is filled with interesting concepts, examples, and theories. All these topics and materials help students understand how to apply theoretical knowledge in practical life while serving patients. 

This textbook is chosen by millions of faculty and students because of its reader-friendly tone. It simply explains complex concepts to boost readers’ knowledge about critical procedures. It contains numerous diagrams, illustrations, and photographs to explain critical topics in a better way.  

The American Society for Microbiology Press and OpenStax have collaborated to publish this textbook. It follows the curriculum guidelines offered by the American Society of Microbiology. Thus, it helps in preparing skilled professionals for the future! 

Students, who are looking for important questions for microbiology exams, can use the OpenStax Microbiology test bank. This test bank contains numerous questions from previous exams and questions related to important topics given in this textbook. Therefore, this exam preparation material is quite helpful if you want to score impressive marks. 


These best selling test banks are crucial for college students, who want to prove that they are sincere and knowledgeable. Job providers only consider good grades when it comes to assessing new candidates. 

If those textbooks provide knowledge related to the subject, test banks provide a way to recognize important topics and questions. Therefore, every student should use test banks available for all college textbooks.