Accounting Certificates: Which One To Choose

What Career Options are Best for Accounting Students?

Assessing and manipulating financial data for a business or public is called accounting. It may seem like a simple job, but accounting is quite complex. Accountants face many challenges and they work hard to overcome those challenges. That’s why accountants gain quite impressive rewards for their hard work. 

Accounting has become quite a popular discipline across the globe. It is probably the most important part of a business. It is a professional accountant’s job to ensure the business’s finances are perfect. 

Accountants know how a firm is performing. They know how to recognize missing money on the company’s books. Accountants also recommend the best methods for growth. Therefore, it is quite an important profession. 

This post will reveal what challenges accounting students to face to become top-skilled professionals. We will also recommend the best courses to master the art of financial manipulation. So, continue reading to reveal the way to become a successful accountant! 

Why study accounting?

Accounting is one of the most rewarding fields to pursue a great career. It brings numerous great opportunities and you can do a lot more than you can imagine now! 

Many great economists have expressed that the world requires many new accountants. This demand is going to explode in the future. Pay scales will improve and students will have a chance of working in many different companies to meet their needs. 

Many accounting students choose to work in tax or auditing. Opportunities also arise in fields, such as consulting, management, financial analysis, forensic accounting, and financial planning. It is a vast field and well-taught accountants can make a fortune by offering their services. 

Top universities offer great curriculums to produce the best accountants for business organizations. Schools and institutions invest a lot of money to improve education so that they can become the best place to learn this discipline. 

Accounting students need more dedication than other students to acquire an accounting degree. This degree is proof that you can serve a huge business organization and manage its finances. Companies pay handsome salaries to accountants who meet their needs. 

Accounting schools and universities prepare you for all the challenges you may face as a professional. Work hard as a student and then enjoy a comfortable career with no major setbacks! 

Potential careers in accounting

The most popular career option for accounting students is working as a financial accountant. You can join an accounting firm to offer your services of work in the accounting department of a company. 

Many students decide to establish Certified Public Accountant firms. If you do so, you will get an opportunity to manage the most vital and sensitive financial information for clients. You will manage tax audits, forms, and other information. 

Being an accounting professional, you can also serve in public accounting firms. Suppose you become an accounting major, you can serve as a consultant, auditor, or financial expert. World’s leading business organizations hire accounting majors to achieve their financial goals. You can also help individual clients in filing their taxes, saving more money, and getting paid for excellent support. 

Which accounting course you should choose?

You can choose many account certifications to build a successful career in this field. You can choose one course to find a good job and start your professional career or get more than one certificate to get a better position. 

Every course is different and provides a different designation in the organization. Learn about the best courses and choose one that helps you meet your career goals faster. 

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Being the oldest accounting designation, CPA is often the first choice of accounting students. Every accounting student aims to become a licensed CPA because it offers unique abilities as an accounting professional. 

You will learn to write audit reports and offer opinions on the finances of a publically traded firm. You can serve as a CPA only if you get licensed by the state government. Therefore, every accountant cannot serve as a CPA.  

Being a licensed CPA, you can perform everything an accountant does. Suppose you become a CPA, you can apply for any job in the accounting field. This designation does not indicate expertise in a specific field of accounting. 

Candidates willing to become a CPA participate in AICPA uniform CPA exam. This exam is conducted in four parts. You must meet the experience and education requirements to be eligible for this exam. 

  • Certified Financial Analyst (CFA)

If you want to build a career in the investment world, you should go for the CFA designation. This course will teach you everything it takes to work for a hedge fund, investment fund, or Wall Street firm. 

Most students from foreign countries choose the CFA course to become hedge fund and investment experts. It is the first pick of accounting students in many European countries and China. You learn how to analyze finances and investments to help a business grow. You can quickly gain a top-paying position in a firm if serve as a CFA. 

The CFA Institute administers the CFA exam to find the best candidates for this designation. There are multiple levels of this exam and the institute conducts two exams per year. It takes much longer to become a CFA and it also costs more than the CPA exam! 

If you wish to serve in a multinational investment firm or a hedge fund management company, choose the CFA course. Investment firms will provide you pretty handsome salary to offer your duties. 

  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

The CMA specializes in managing company accounts. It is expected from a certified management accountant to manage the internal accounts of the firm. Professionals become CFOs and COOs in a business organization if they excel in their duties as a CMA. 

You should not choose this course if you want to work in a public accounting firm. Consider it if you want to build a career in the management field. You should go for the CMA certificate only if you wish to work for a Fortune 500 Company! 

The Institute of Management Accountants conducts the exam for CMA. It is easier than CPA and CFA exams, but you must meet the requirements to attend this exam. You must have a bachelor’s degree and it requires a two-year experience in the accounting field. 

  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

You should choose the Certified Internal Auditor course if your goal is to become an auditor or a compliance officer. It is the duty of a CIA to manage audit procedures in the company. Usually, large business organizations hire CIAs to perform independent audits. 

The CIA exam is conducted in three sections and the entire exam is 6.5 hours long. Pass this exam if you wish to become a professional auditor. 

  • Enrolled Agent

The Enrolled Agent course was created by the IRS. It was designed to find the best candidates with expertise in the US tax code. Students who qualify for this exam gain expertise in managing taxes. 

Being an EA, you can serve business organizations and individuals in managing their taxes. You will not learn anything about auditing, finance, and management. The only thing you will master is the US Tax Code! 

You should try this course if you want to prepare taxes for a large firm. Prefer another course if you want to excel in other fields of accounting. 

Use test banks to prepare for your favorite accounting exam

Every student wants to qualify for the chosen accounting exam on the first attempt. It allows you to kick-start your career quickly and gain more experience for better positions. 

CPA, CFA, CMA, EA, and CIA are tough exams. Students prepare throughout the year and sometimes much longer to get passing marks. Try accounting test banks if you do not wish to be one of them! 

Test banks are available for the best accounting books. These are designed specifically for exam preparation. You will save a lot of time and money while preparing key topics for the course. Thus, your chances of qualifying for the exam will be much greater! 

Do you need test banks when you got books?

Faculties recommend many books for accounting courses. Each book offers the same knowledge in a different way and a set of questions related to the topic. You can cover all the topics and questions if you got several months for the exam preparation. 

Suppose you got only a few months to prepare for the exam, you must use accounting test banks. Consider it the best time-saving tool to cover all the important questions. Many students use question banks to find important questions and learn their answers. 

You can easily buy and download the test bank for your course’s textbooks online. Thus, you will save a lot of time and money and continue your studies. 

Final thoughts

You can live a luxurious life if you pick the right accounting course to improve your knowledge. It will open gates for success and you will be working for a multinational firm! Use test banks to always perform better than other candidates in the exam. Thus, you can prove you got the knowledge and skills required for the job!